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    Recently, some of our users reported encountering windows Police Pro adware.

    windows police pro adware

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    scan WPP.Class=””>Rogue
    windows police pro adware
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    File type PE Executable (.EXE)
    Alias(e) Win32/CryptExe(AVG)
    MD5 e03388af3a899c0932230d061e31af16
    SHA-1 7fa92ef0af9aab72f26375f3a2bfa6cfa6c5e1f9

    = 995d328f9d435df8662d2e04bbf9.0c98bb9f.0c 66f69a24e4b76c098d4fefc563


    Carrier ..loading .fraudical .as .scoot .file with extraction. Then a program performs a fake scan, in addition to other scammers, informing the Internet user that his computer is infected with adware, which is not really there. When the user clicks “Remove Threats” opens, a browser that may charge the user to remove the threats, but this is an excuse to get money from the user. the Pig makes noises during a fake stampede. Your current page claims that Several people are stars on websites. It also has the ability to block programs from running. Also a program that in order to remove threats you need to buy the full version, as indicated above, or enter the initial code.


    This malware came to light after popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber Joel vinesauce posted the tenth “Kill Windows” entry in which he features it.


  • Fake Search WPP.PNG

    Fake scan.

  • Windows Police Pro is an anti-spyware malware application. Actually, their main goal seems to be to convince users to buy and use their licensed version. Windows PRO agents accomplish this goal by first using one with Trojans attached to the computer, one without informed consent. which are believed to corrupt business data and may degrade system performance. Windows Police PRO also runs a pre-packaged security system that returns the latest scan results for spyware Trojans, apps, red worms and other malware with bogus results. They are practically used to mislead the user who is looking for this malicious Windows PRO font program.


    Technical Information About The Screen

    Snapshots And Images

    SpyHunter is good at detecting and removing Windows Police


    Pro Windows Contributors

    Website Disclaimer PRO Policy Description

    Filesystem Information


    3 years
    Windows Police Pro.exe


    1af3dd6f28ba79519928ce9037444d06 Font Pro.exe
    Cut:2.41 MB (2416648 bytes)
    Number of
    Group:Updated malware:December
    11 latest files 2009

    detection file name md5 Quantity

    MD5:fe6b886e6abb7fa8aad1e86699b8bb93 KB
    Cut:163.84 (163840 bytes)
    Number of detections:0
    Type:Malicious executable
    Group:Software file
    Last 11 updates 2009:December

    Cut:440.32 (440,320 kbps, bytes)
    Number of detections:0
    Group:updated malicious file:December 11, 2009

    93.21md5:5d0764253b36f79baf29460e80db57d6 KB (93211 bytes)
    Number of detections:0
    Type:Executable Software
    Last update:Dossier dated December 11, 2009

    Registration Details

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    The one stop solution for all your Windows related problems

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  • 1. Download and install the software
  • 2. Open it and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the backup you want to restore from and follow the instructions

  • Pro Police windows is a standard rogue security application. Its sole purpose is to trick users into investing in a useless program and steal their personal information. It very often infects computers with Trojans through well horses, malicious online scanners and other malicious online companies are also used.

    When Windows Police Pro infects a computer, it affects its performance, slows down its Internet connection, and may receive other malware. To intimidate the user, the scammer completes a relentless barrage of fake alerts, and stability performs fake scans as it gets fake results. The user will most likely be informed that he must buy the full version in order to be able to remove the alleged threats. However, this situation is real – just a scam. This
    If a fake has infected your computer, it should be removed as soon as possible. To delete it I lieI know, it is desirable to perform the following processes:

    Although it is possible to manually uninstall Windows Pro Police, this is not the best way to get rid of them permanently. Using this high quality anti-spyware app is a great option. Thus, all traces of malware on the new computer are removed once quickly and without error.

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