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    This guide was created to help you when you receive a Runtime Error ’13 error code. Runtime error “13” occurs when most people try to run VBA code that contains data types that are completely mismatched. For example, you cannot add, subtract, divide, or propagate a String data value with respect to a numeric type such as Integer, Single, Double, or Long.

    Visual Basic can convert many values ​​to make them support datatype assignments, which was not possible in previous versions.

    However, this error can still occur and has the following causes and solutions:

  • Reason: The variable property alias is of the wrong type. For example, a variable that requires a fancy integer can only take on a numeric value if the entire string can be safely recognized as an integer.
  • Decision. Try to make assignments only by concatenating compatible with given types. For example, an integer can always be assigned to an incredibly long one, but only one can always be assigned to only one. a double , and almost any type (except user-defined type) can potentially be assigned to a variant.

  • Reason: An object was passed to your procedure that expects individual houses or values.
  • What is run-time Error 13 ‘: type Mismatch?

    A VBA type mismatch error occurs when trying to assign an actual value between two different groups of variables. The error is displayed as “Young Ballerina Runtime Error – Type Mismatch”. For example, if you are trying to put a sentence into a long integer variable, you are probably trying to put some text into a date variable.

    Decision. Pass a simple property appropriately, or call the method that matches the object.

  • Reason: The name module was used, or perhaps even project, so expression expected, for example:

     Debug.Print MyModule
  • Reason: You tried to mix traditional basic error handling with sufficient reason for variant values ​​with an error subtype (10, vbError), for example:

     CVErr(n) error
  • Decision. To rethrow a severe error, you must map it to any custom built-in or full Visual Basic error and then rethrow the error.

  • How do I fix a runtime error 13 in Excel?

    In Excel, select the “File” tab on the taskbar, then left-click “Open” in the list that appears. Now click on the desired archive.Go to and select Open -> Open with Repair -> Restore (of course you can select the Extract Data tab). If everything goes well, the bad luck runtime error won’t bother you anymore.

    The reason. The CVErr value cannot be converted to a date. For examplename:

     MyVar = CDate(CVErr(9))
  • Decision. Use some sort of case select statement or similar write operation to match the CVErr return with such a value.

  • Reason: When running, this error usually indicates that the variant used in the expression has the wrong subtype, or that the particular variant contains array appears with a Print # statement.
  • Decision. To get a list of arrays, create a loop that looks for each element individually.

    For more information, sort the initial question and press F1 (Windows) or HELP (Macintosh).

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  • The one stop solution for all your Windows related problems

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  • 1. Download and install the software
  • 2. Open it and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the backup you want to restore from and follow the instructions

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    Type 13 runtime mismatch error is a common problem for Excel. Here is how to solve the problem in Windows 10 and also here:

    • any reason for runtime error 13
    • Troubleshooting How To
    • DiskInternals Excel recovery software can help

    Runtime Error 13 – Mismatch Between Theme And Style In Excel

    How do I fix Runtime Error 13?

    Restore People: Use the “Open” utility as well as “Restore”.Fix 2: Remove the main “program causing the error”Restrictions.Solution 3 – Use Stellar Repair for Excel

    Let’s start with what causes runtime error 13. In many cases, this problem can be caused by the following factors:

    At First, Many Methods. Scanning For Malware Or Viruses

    Try running an anti-virus program and scan the system; It could be someone due to runtime error type 14 incompatibility. Before you start scanning, make sure your antivirus program is up to date and working properly. The outcome of the procedure depends on this.

    How do I fix a run-time error in Excel?

    Launch Microsoft Excel.From the menu bar, select File > Options [Excel] > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Macro Options.At the top, select the “Disable all macros regarding notifications” radio button.

    Didn’t that help? Do not panic! there is noHow many new good methods for correcting learning error 13.

    Method 3. Problems With Macros?

    The root of the issue with runtime crash 13 could be deleted macros. And if you restore them, then this error may disappear. Do

    There is a new Excel file for this. Now the person needs to set the calculation structure manually. After that, click on the “Macro” case on the main taskbar. Then select “High” from the “Security” selection list.

    Now simultaneously press the key combination Alt + F11 for the critical point. It even opens the Visual Basic editor. Then press Ctrl R+. Then right-click the module and select Export File.

    run-time error '13

    Next, you need to enter a name and folder for your module. You need to do this several times to move all the modules.

    After completing a few of these elements, open the improved Excel file and import the parts. If after macros you are still worried about recovering from read error 13, go back to method 4.

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    run-time error '13

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    Laufzeitfehler 13
    Erro De Tempo De Execucao 13
    Kortidsfel 13
    Erreur D Execution 13
    런타임 오류 13
    Oshibka Vypolneniya 13
    Errore Di Runtime 13
    Runtime Fout 13
    Error De Tiempo De Ejecucion 13