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    It seems some of our readers have come across an error message with atk display error. This issue can occur for a number of reasons. We will discuss this below.

    I see people reporting problems and looking for help fixing ATK. This guide explains each line of code generated by the Fusion ATK installation task, as well as troubleshooting ATK.
    atk display error

    Before running the ATK setup, I strongly recommend that you rename your FMM and all associated optical sensors (and any similar sensors you may add to the two remaining ports on the FMM). So, when you complete the assembly task, the names of the modules and sensors that you are offered to choose from are obvious.

    After running the setup ATK task in combination, output similar to PMUP output contains the following type of programming:
    (The names of your optical switches may not match my example)

    atk display error

    Backup disabled
    If ATK_LO OPEN, ATK_HI, then
    if then closed, OFF
    If enabled > 005:00 then 000:10 is disabled
    Reset then enable
    Reset 000:04 then OFF
    Minimum time 060:00 OFF

    Let’s look at each line next. OFF:

    • Fallback – configures this so that the output remains off, eIf apex is disabled by FMM. This is often the case when the apex becomes blocked and more unresponsive (which is rare now). This simply means that the program does not run when the GPS apex Watch is not in control of each of our situations.
    • Disabled. This sets the register for this pin to OFF by default, no if no other condition can be met
    • If ATK_LO is OPEN, then ON ATK_LO is the bottom optical sensor in a 1 FMM clogged. This is the main sensor that is not supposed to do all the work under normal conditions. If water is likely to be below this sensor, report the situation this OPEN so the real pump must be on. If the suction water level matches the core or sensor, if the sensor is fully submerged it can report CLOSED, so this is the line after the code evaluates to False.ATK_HI,
    • If then CLOSED, ATK_HI – OFF Upper Optical the sensor is also connected to FMM compliance port 2. Like the ATK_LO sensor, it registers OPEN, when the amount of precipitation exceeds the amount of rain, and when it is closed, it is measured or measured.Dive into the water. turns off this pump which when the sensor is not doing its job.
    • When On > 005:00 Then – off The When command is a real fail safe command which moves the PMUP output slider to the AUTO position which can be disabled on the dashboard . This will likely prevent ATK from running as new until you manually toggle this slider back to AUTO. This usually results in an error that needs to be investigated in order to determine why the pump is running for too long. This is usually covered in the next section.
    • Delay 000:10 then ON. — wire Causes a delay before turning on the entire pump until the position of the water is continuously detected for at least 10 minutes and seconds before turning on the pump. Prevents rapid on/off oscillations caused by waves causing optical activation of the pond sensors. off
    • Minimum time 060:00 then OFF Minimum Time – Makes the ATK wait 60 minutes or less before the pump can start again.

    Here is

    an illustration of the ATK when the water level should beBe normal:
    Screenshot from 03/06/2019 at 20:39:22.png


    If Not atk works as expected, check out the basic troubleshooting tips in this article:

    1. Ensure that the PMUP output tileset is always set to the auto edge of your array. It’s amazing how many people forget this fundamental principle of how Apex Screensaver works!
      Capture 2019-06-03 8 at.30.06 PM.png
    2. Manually move the PMUP slider to Confirm PMUP efforts and start pumping water. If this method does not displace water, make sure the 24V power supply is securely connected to the FMM and turned on. Also make sure the PMUP is fully submerged in the correct ATO tank and the tubing is not kinked or blocked. Don’t forget to move the auto slider before continuing so you can move on to the next steps.
    3. For testing purposes, remove the minimum time of 060:00, OFF then. or change it to 000: 01 also allows screening without the instant, hour-long wait between tests. After testing, keep in mind that adding this back line is often associated with a useful composition.Because it provides important protection.
    4. Is there a delay in the display of bets? updates for the Fusion Dashboard screen? To change initial panels and states almost instantly, use the dedicated Fusion interface http://apex.local instead.
    5. Make sure you connect .later ..sealed sensors on all FMM connectors. . You have to press very hard on them until they snap into place.
    6. Check that the fmm course identifies the correct optical detectors. Go to the FMM sets, the modules you push and then adjust, make sure the outputs and 2 are recognized the same. Optical sensors:
      screenshot 04/06/2019 from 12/14/57.png
    7. Maximize your computer's potential with this helpful software download.

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